Overcoming Fear of Dentists

If you are someone that has allowed your overall fear of going to the dentist get in the way or your oral health that it is crucial that you regain control of your dental hygiene. At Montgomery Dentist Medical we understand that there are instances in where you may not want to go the dentist. Whether this is from a past experience, or you are someone who holds a lot of anxiety associated with the dentist’s office.

We want to help you overcome your fear of the dentist’s office and show you that we are here to help you and would like to welcome you to our medical center for your routine dental needs. If you are someone who has never been to the dentist we suggest coming in, meeting our staff, and taking a tour of our facility. If you have any questions along the way, we are here to help you. Now if you are someone that holds great anxiety about having dental work done, we can understand that this can seem overwhelming and scary as well.

We believe meeting all of the needs of our patients here, and would like you to know that we offer different relaxation techniques to help your visit be calming and less intimidating. We encourage you to talk about your fears and anxieties when you come in for your first appointment. We offer different techniques such as:

* Meditation-through calming music, aromas or candles, dark rooks

* Medication- there will be instances where “laughing gas” or local medication can be used to calm or relax any discomfort or pain during a procedure.

* Music relaxation- You may bring in your own IPods, cds and more to help keep you comfortable.

* Movies for children- We have select videos for children and other toys to help them feel at home as we are a family dental office.

These are just a few different things that we can offer to help you relax while you are in the dentist’s chair. When you are looking for something to help you relax, something to help you get the need oral care you need this is the best way to start. Communicating with your dentist and their hygienists is key to a successful doctor patient relationship. When you are ready, take the time and come in and speak with us about your oral hygiene needs. Together let’s see what we can do to help you overcome your fears of the dentist’s office and help you get the medical care you need.


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