Popular Bathtub Types

An alcove bathtub, which is enclosed on the back and both ends leaving the front exposed, was once the standard bathtub Lancaster. While this type of bathtub is still very common, more and more homeowners are choosing to upgrade to a different, more luxurious type of tub. If you are building a new home or remodeling your existing bath, here are some of the possibilities you may want to soak in.

Claw foot tubs are freestanding tubs with decorative ball and claw feet that will make a vintage bathroom appear more authentic or add a touch of nostalgia to any style of bathroom. They feature a sloped back and straight front, and, of course, exposed pipes. While the claw foot tubs of yesteryear were only manufactured from cast iron, today’s designer imposter’s are made from modern materials such as porcelain on steel and/or acrylic.

Installing a corner bathtub Lancaster, which is typically triangular in shape, will open up your bathroom and make it look more spacious. This type of bathtub can be installed against a vanity or as a freestanding fixture. Corner tubs are available in a wide variety of styles and often boast features such as molded armrests and either air or water jets.

If you have a lot of lush landscaping features that protect you from the prying eyes of your neighbors, you may want to consider a garden tub. This is a large, deep soaking tub that is typically installed adjacent to a large window, allowing you to take in the view.

Similar to a garden tub, a roman soaking tub is much deeper than a standard bathtub Lancaster and doesn’t have an integrated shower or any jets. A roman soaking tub is often defined by the faucet which has a long, elegantly arched spout. The polished lines and designer finishes of a Roman soaking tub will add lavishness and luxury to any bathroom.

Another popular type of bathtub Lancaster is the whirlpool tub. A whirlpool tub with water powered jets draws water into a pump and forces it out through jets positioned on the sides and ends of the tub, producing vigorous and concentrated massaging features. While some people find the powerful jets therapeutic, others do prefer something softer and more relaxing. Air jets, on the other hand, force air through hundreds of tiny pinholes placed around the walls of the tub. It produces a softer, subtler, spa-like massage.



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