Practical Tips for Recovering from Back Surgery in Monroe NJ

Undergoing Back Surgery Monroe NJ was the most practical way to repair damage done to the spine and have the chance to live a normal life again.  With the surgery now complete, the next step is to deal with the recovery phase.  While the surgeon and the physical therapist will employ methods that are specific to the condition of the patient, there are several general tips that will help with the healing. Here are a few examples.

Planning Before the Surgery

The preparations for recovery actually begin prior to the Back Surgery Monroe NJ.  Choosing to prepare meals and freeze them in advance will make it much easier to function in the days and weeks after the surgery takes place.  It also helps to make sure that the pantry is full, so there is no need to go to the supermarket in the weeks immediately following the procedure.  For some people, rearranging the furniture to allow more room for walkers, wheelchairs and other devices will also make it much easier to get around during that period of limited mobility.

Clothing Preparation

Forget about wearing the usual clothing during the recovery period.  The goal is to have clothing on hand that is very easy to put on and take off.  Think in terms of shirts with buttons or snaps in the front, robes, wraps, and possibly sweat pants that do not require a lot of effort and do not bind around the waist.  For shoes, opt for slip-ons rather than shoes with laces.  Click here for more details.


The right level of exercise will help the healing process. Work with a therapist so that the routines provide the type of workout needed at each point during the recovery.  Do not attempt to do something more strenuous if the current round of exercises seem too easy.  Incremental increases in physical activity will not place too much stress on the back and will allow the patient to eventually recover his or her mobility.

For more ideas of how to ensure everything is in place for the recovery period, speak with the staff at  They can help the patient understand what type of preparation will be best, based on the type and severity of the surgical process and the general health of the patient.



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