Pregnant? What To Expect At The OBGYN Clinic In Lake City, FL

There are many emotions a woman feels when she thinks she may be pregnant. Whether it’s a planned pregnancy or an unplanned surprise, fear is one of the first and most common emotions women experience during this time. Her entire life has changed, as soon as she thinks she could be pregnant. It’s usually recommended the woman find out as soon as possible if she is expecting. Of course, the drugstores are full of all kinds of home pregnancy tests. Some will detect pregnancy before a woman’s cycle is even missed. If the test is positive, there is no denying that she is pregnant, but if the test is negative, it’s recommended to visit the lab for a more sensitive test. A test that can detect pregnancy hormones sooner. If the home pregnancy test results are positive, it’s recommended to contact the doctor’s office, such as the  OBGYN Clinic in Lake City FL to schedule an initial obstetric appointment.

Prenatal care is of utmost importance. Most doctors recommend the expectant patient be seen at least 6 – 8 weeks after their missed cycle. The initial visit will be quite involved. A full battery of blood work and a urine sample will be ordered to ensure the patient’s health and rule out any medical concerns. Usually, a pap smear will be done along with a full physical examination. The physician will discuss the possibility of genetic testing, if necessary and advise the patient as to what to expect in the coming months. The patient will also be directed to the clinic’s website,, Here many questions for expectant patients may be answered regarding emergencies, safe prenatal medications and contact information for the office. If the pregnancy is routine with no unexpected concerns, visits will most likely be once a month until the eighth month, then bi-monthly. By the ninth month, prenatal visits will be weekly until the patient either goes into labor or is induced.

It is imperative that expectant patients follow through with all scheduled obstetric visits. Regular prenatal care is the first step to a healthy baby. Never hesitate to call the OBGYN Clinic in Lake City FL with any questions or concerns. When in doubt, always call to check it out.

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