Procedures Performed By a Cosmetic Dentist

Most people are familiar with dentists but the popularity of cosmetic dentists is growing over the years because the need for them is increasing. It is important to note that not every dentist is a cosmetic dentist. This is an assumption that has led to many people undergoing procedures and getting results that are unsatisfactory because they did not get a qualified cosmetic dentist.

The main difference between general dentists  and Cosmetic dentists is that, your general dentist is more concerned about the health of your teeth and getting treatment for them when there is a problem; but a cosmetic dentist Carlsbad will go further than that and ensure that your teeth looks good after getting them healthy.

Therefore, when looking for a cosmetic dentist it is vital to look at their work and see what they do in order to get the services that you need from them. Cosmetic dentists have helped in giving people the teeth that they want and as a result given them back their self confidence.  When people think that they have teeth that are not attractive they lose their self confidence.

Some of the procedures that a cosmetic dentist Carlsbad does to restore people’s smiles include:

1. Tooth whitening- one of the most popular problems that people have with their teeth is that they are not the colour that they should be. It can be extremely frustrating when you have tried every product on the shelf and your teeth are not as white as you want them to be. A cosmetic dentist will help in bleaching your teeth so that they become white.

2. Dental implants – when you have missing teeth as a result of an accident or disease you have to think about replacing them. Dental implants are the solution that a cosmetic dentist will suggest as a way to get back your smile. Implants are metal devices and they are permanent.

3. Veneers – these are used to cover cracked teeth, discolored teeth or to cover gaps in the teeth. They are custom made and are placed as a covering on the front side of your tooth. They are made from porcelain or composite material in most cases.

4. Orthodontic treatment – this procedure is mostly common in children whose teeth are growing and they help in ensuring that the teeth grow in the right shape and size. This procedure can also be done to grownups who want to shape their teeth. Most adults who seek this treatment are those that have crooked teeth.

5. Tooth shaping – here the dentist will remove part of your enamel in an effort to give your teeth the right shape. The procedure is also called enamel shaping. It is simple and it produces immediate results.


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