Producing Plants in Synthetic Conditions

Indoor gardening is growing in popularity all the time. People who have limited outdoor spaces are turning spare rooms and other small areas of their homes into tiny vegetable gardens, fruit gardens and herb gardens.  Many small farmers use tented areas to grow their plants or flowers so that they can produce most of the year around, especially out of season. This increases their productivity and sales and can be boosted by the use of Website URL LED plant grow lights. Let’s suppose a small business owner produces rhubarb, but because rhubarb is seasonal they have to use a huge tent to grow it ‘indoors’. The tent will partially protect the ground from severe frosts, but with the lack of sunshine the rhubarb may still refuse to propagate and grow. In these instances it might be advisable to install a system of LED grow lights to assist the rhubarb to grow at a faster rate, therefore creating a faster turnaround of goods. The same applies to plants, flowers and vegetables that can all benefit from the same synthetic conditions.

How do LED’s Help?

LED—Light emitting diodes—are likely the most commonly known type of light these days. Many flashlights, reading lights and computer keyboard lights are produced using LED and it is a far more efficient way of lighting that the incandescent bulbs we are used to. LED’s produce blue and red hues, that benefit vegetables and fruits alike.  Some LED’s can even accelerate the growth process of the item you are growing. Gardening indoors is also popular with people who grow their own herbs such as Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Chives and others.

Multi-tier gardening is also on the rise and people are growing rows of vegetables in boxes in tiered levels on their walls. The process begins with a row of planters along the bottom, another row a small way up the wall and maybe two or three more tiers of planters further up. The tiers are then planted with a range of different fruits and vegetables to create a wall of growth. This indoor space-saving method of growing is not only economically sound to help people grow their food, but also ideal for those without the outside space to grow plants and food.

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