Protecting Your Company’s Safety Record Through Fall Protection Assessment Services

Sadly, every time a person falls and dies, the statistics for fall mortality rises. Falls continue to be the major cause of accidental death nationwide and close to 45% of deaths by falls have been because of a ladder in the past 10 years. In occupational statistics, 1/5 of fall injuries are because of ladders; over 80% of falls reported in the emergency room by the construction industry involved ladders; and in 2011, 113 deaths due to ladders in the workplace were reported. For this reason, it has become necessary for some companies and agencies to offer Fall Protection Assessment Services. This is for employers and employees to receive necessary training in fall prevention and safety.

Some of the elements of Fall Protection Assessment Services are Basic Fall Protection Training, Competent Person Fall Training, Confined Space Training, Competent & Qualified Persons (and Engineers) Fall Training, and Tower Climber Competent Person Training. Each of these training modules equip the users with skills and knowledge needed to successfully protect against falls. The most basic assessment, of course is learning the basic fall protection module.

The basic fall protection training is for those whose job description requires working in consistent elevated areas. The successful student in the course will understand the importance of fall protection at work, the application of the full body harness, anchorage points and considerations, the applicable fall protection regulations and the fall protection code, the hierarchy of fall protection controls (which are elimination, prevention, arrest and administrative), and fall protection ABC’s (anchorage, body support and connecting means). The successful student will also be educated in the uses of lanyards and specialized fall protection equipment.

Ellis Fall Safety Solutions LLC. provide fall safety training nationwide and have been providing this training for over 35 years for various clients. Serving the areas of Baltimore, MD, New York City, NY, Seattle, WA and Philadelphia, PA, their services have been keeping companies compliant with OSHA nationwide. The company also provides litigation support, consulting and training services, along with the products to help clients stay safe. For more information on keeping your organization safety compliant, visit the website,

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