Raccoon’s Living in Your Home Should be Removed by Professional Animal Control in Anne Arundel

Raccoon’s are a common pest problem for many homeowners. They have a variety of favorite places to invade and make their home, including attics, chimneys, crawlspaces and basements. Raccoon’s are nocturnal animals, so they are the most active at night. They hunt for food at night and sleep during the day, which is why it is often difficult to notice they are living in your home. If you notice trash cans overturned and/or your pets food is disappearing, it is a sign of raccoon’s, so you should contact a professional Animal Control in Anne Arundel, such as Accutech Pest Management to get rid of the raccoon’s.

If you find a family of raccoon’s living in your home, it is important to not attempt to capture them on your own. If there is a mother and her young, a confrontation with them could be potentially dangerous. There are a few ways you may be able to prevent some of them from coming back into the home until Animal Control in Anne Arundel can inspect the area. It sometimes helps to use bright lights to illuminate the area where they are living, turn a radio on at a high volume and soak a few cloths in ammonia and place them in the area where you have noticed the raccoon’s.

When the pest control company arrives to remove the raccoon’s, they will make every attempt to remove the raccoon’s and transfer them to another location, instead of harming them. The pest control company will place no harm cages in all areas where there are signs of raccoon’s and they will come back routinely to check the cages and remove the animal if caught.

Once the raccoon’s have been removed from your home, it is important to do a thorough inspection of the area where they were living. Raccoon’s can do a great deal of damage, so you should inspect the insulation and electrical wiring to make sure there are no damages. One of the most serious problems to look for is raccoon waste. It is very important to get the waste removed as soon as possible and the area must be appropriately cleaned and sanitized to prevent the risk of illness. Visit website for more information.

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