Reasons for Exterior Building Restoration in Chicago IL

Building exteriors erode, appear dull, and can fall apart sooner than the interior. There are several reasons an exterior building restoration in Chicago IL is needed. One is the proximity of buildings that can trap debris, moisture, and dirt within the cracks and joints.


The drastic changes in climate expedite wear and tear on bricks and grout, concrete, steel and wood. High winds coming off the lake, harsher winters with freezing temperatures, and intense sun during the summer all effect exteriors.

Pollution is another factor that effects the integrity and look of exteriors. Noise of the city reverberates off buildings, light pollution makes materials fade fast, smog and diesel fuel residue coats exteriors in a film of dirt and dust. The results build up and become a reason for exterior building restoration in Chicago IL.

It Takes a Team

Restoration takes an experienced team of skilled professionals to complete the project while protecting the integrity of the architecture. Masonry requires matching the materials and techniques used when the building was originally constructed. The staircase, porch, and doorway must resemble the style of the period.

Textures and colors are mimicked to be indistinguishable from other sections of the building that are not part of the project. Historians are consulted to determine how the building appeared in its day to restore it accurately. Careful attention to detail is vital, so a project manager in typically involved for organization and scheduling.

Restorations that Lead to Modern Facades

Business owners of buildings that are not of historical significance can use a restoration project to update or alter the exterior appearance. A new look will draw new customers and capture the attention of passers-by. Driving past buildings that all look the same make them become a blur after a few blocks. A facade that pops will not be missed by anyone.

Facades plagued with rust or other forms of corrosion can be repaired and protected from further corrosion moving forward. Cracks and leaks will be found and repaired to cease damage caused by excess water. Building owners can contact us for customized services and solutions. The possibilities are virtually endless.

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