Reasons to Trust Your Used Car Dealer to Finance In-House in Bellevue, WA

Some 42 million used vehicles were purchased in the United States in 2018. Used cars, of course, are much more popular than their new counterparts for several reasons, both of which can be bought with an external lender’s car financing help or the in-house financing department of your Auto Dealership in Bellevue WA.

Dealers Are More Willing to Wheel and Deal

Most lenders don’t like to extend loans to poor borrowing prospects, who are also known as sub prime borrowers. While it is often true that interest rates at dealerships’ in-house financing departments are higher, these companies are much, much more flexible in structuring those loans and otherwise setting contract clauses that appease the buyers.

Short Shopping Process

When loans are sought from external lenders for any type of car, they usually take a few days to be carried out from the application’s submission to the time you hear something back. With financing from an auto dealership, you’ll get everything taken care of the same day you go shopping.

Dealers More Frequently Offer Promos

Dealerships’ in-house financing departments often extend promotions that just might provoke interest from customers such as a zero-percent annual percentage rate for a few months.

Visit Us, the Best Auto Dealership Bellevue WA Financier

We’re Best Chance Auto Loan of Bellevue, WA; visit our website to see how we could potentially set you up with a used car loan that fits your needs precisely!

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