Reasons You Might Need An Attorney

by | Nov 16, 2011 | legal

There are thousands of people every year who suffer some type of brain injury that limits their abilities and requires medical attention; some of which might also require the best brain injury attorney in Omaha can offer. Brain injuries can occur while doing regular every day activities, resulting from a fall, an auto accident, playing sports, and an accident at work. The most common types of brain injuries include when the brain is bruised, bleeding, torn, or swollen.

If you had an accident that caused a brain injury that requires the best brain injury attorney Omaha has, you might have one of two injuries; closed or open. A closed brain injury is one where there is no fracture, which will often cause swelling and blood clots. This can be very dangerous inside the skull, requiring much medical attention. An open brain injury is one where the skull is fractured, typically happening when someone falls and hits their head on some sort of hard surface or object. Whether your accident cause an open or closed brain injury, it is important first to seek medical attention so that you can try to prevent something such as paralysis, unconsciousness, or death. After you have sought medical help, you should go straight to a brain injury attorney.

If you are not sure if you actually have a brain injury to seek a brain injury attorney Omaha could offer you or not, there are some things you should know that might help you to determine this. Sometimes there are no visual effects from your accident and you might consider this a sign that there is no brain injury. Some of the things to look out for if you or someone you know has been in an accident with their head are confusion and memory issues. If you or someone you know is abnormally tired or slothful, nauseous or dizzy, these are all signs of a brain injury. Other signs are a huge headache, weakness, or one side of the body being numb.

Once you have determined that you have a brain injury to get a brain injury attorney Omaha, your lawyer might pursue your claim under negligence or strict product liability. Speak to your attorney so that you will understand exactly which route you are going to take for your claim. An attorney will be able to explain to you exactly what will go on with your case and what sort of settlement range you are looking at.


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