Reesio: The New Real Estate Mgmt System

Before the rise of the Digital age, real estate agents had to keep track of each other through letters, phones, and files on all agents within the company. Many agents spent long hours cultivating networks through special functions and connections. However, with the advent of the Internet and its increasingly easy to use functions, one can create brokerages and invite agents online.

Online companies like Reesio invented this platform specifically to ease real estate agents work and increase capability. Essentially a real estate mgmt system like this is really a software program designed to facilitate transactions and portfolios. For example, this system has several incredible features: unlimited transactions, members, and document storage; complete document signing integration; full compliance management; workflow templates and task management; activity logs; public listing, marketing, and offers. For those who are unfamiliar with a real estate mgmt system such as this, further explanation will be provided.

Unlimited transactions, members, and document storage are easy enough to understand. The DocuSign integration feature allows one to link an existing DocuSign account to Reesio for document send off to all transaction members for flawless electronic signatures. Full compliance management ensures that all brokerage administrators can have full approval over all documents. This feature can reduce error and liability for one’s brokerage. The Workflow Template feature helps break down tasks to ensure each agent is on and aware of the proposed schedule. The Task Management feature works with the Workflow templates in which individuals are assigned to specific members of a transaction.

Within this management feature, one can set due dates, order of completion, and rearrange tasks as necessary. The Activity Log feature records all documents that have been uploaded, shared, signed, or created. This feature virtually eliminates liability issues or missteps in a process. The Public Listing and Marketing pages can be shared on one’s social networks, used on one’s website, and inserted into any MLS listings to increase traffic to one’s site by taking transaction details and creating public pages. With the Offers option, the tasks of all real estate agents can be further streamlined online by giving one the ability to propose, accept, counter propose, and decline any offers. To know more visit the site

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