Revealing The Science Behind Sexual Pheromones

Understanding how sexual pheromones work in humans is very different than how sexual hormones impact or change animal behavior. In the animal kingdom pheromones are directly related to the reproductive cycle which is also impacted by things such as age, environmental conditions and even other animals.

Sexual Pheromones Equal Attraction

In human studies the impact of sexual pheromones is not as directly involved in reproduction but they are more involved in attraction. In other words, there are different factors in addition to sexual pheromones that will create feelings of attraction between people. However, pheromones are involved in a variety of ways to get that initial spark, those feelings of attraction and sexual interest, which cause people to talk to each other and become interested in spending time together.

People cannot determine that they are in the presence of pheromones on a conscious level. In many different studies those that are exposed to pheromones from the opposite gender report positive changes in their mood, more interest in people, and a greater sense of attraction to people although they cannot identify the specific reason.

What Are Human Sexual Pheromones?

Not surprisingly men and women produce different types of sexual pheromones that are a chemical that occurs naturally in the body.  Women produce a specific type of pheromone known as copulins. There are several different types of copulins that, when in highest concentration, signal that the woman is ovulating and therefore most fertile.

Males produce Androsterone, which is subconsciously sensed and recognized by women. Interestingly when copulins are present in the environment men produce more testosterone and also more male sexual pheromones, which creates a mutual attraction.

Detecting Pheromones

Close to the opening of the nostrils there is a small organ known as the vomeronasal organ. The purpose of this organ is to sense the presence of pheromones and send information, via nerve signals, to the hypothalamus. This area of the brain controls emotions, arousal and also responsible for feelings of bonding as experienced in a long term relationship.

While sexual pheromones in human beings are natural, our daily washing and bathing routines, including deodorant and body spray use, can dilute and remove the naturally occurring chemicals. Using pheromone products to boost levels on the skin can be instrumental in restoring or enhancing natural levels and leading to increased attraction by the opposite sex.

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