Roofing Contractors in Lincoln, NE Address Storm Damage Concerns

When you consider installing a roof, you also have to review its resilience to climatic conditions. Normally, asphalt shingles are more susceptible to storm damage than other kinds of shingles. If you live in a locale that receives a good deal of wind and rain, then you need to choose a roofing replacement that stands up to this type of abuse.

Why a Roof May Start to Leak

According to roofing contractors in Lincoln, NE, roof damages from a storm can take on a number of features. For instance, you may see creasing, which also leads to granule loss. If granules are absent, the roof’s matting has no protection from the sun’s UV light. When this occurs, the roof may start to leak, prematurely age, or become a depository for mold.

No Increase in Premiums

Roofing contractors add that customers often worry that their insurance premiums will increase if they use the money to fix a roof after a storm. However, in this instance, the premiums do not normally jump in price, as the damage is the result of a natural disaster. Therefore, the incident is beyond the homeowner’s control.

File an Insurance Claim Immediately

When storm damage does occur, roofing specialists, at such companies as Over the Top Roofing & Construction, state that it is important to file an insurance claim as early as possible. If you do not file a claim within a year’s time, and have the roof fixed or replaced, the company is not usually obligated to indemnify you for the loss. So, don’t delay the claims filing process if a storm has ripped off or damaged the shingles on your roof.

Keeping the Cost Reasonable

You don’t need several estimates from roofing contractors if you use a contractor with a good reputation, who will make sure you don’t pay any out-of-pocket expense. The right roofing contractor will ensure that you will not pay any more than the deductible. If the roofing company determines that the actual costs surpass what the insurer will pay, they should make sure the insurance company covers the additional expense.

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