Routine Sprinkler Maintenance and Repair Can Save You Money

Sprinkler lines can and do fail, but often in subtle ways that allow your system to continue to operate at an inefficient level. Water use is important, particularly in Texas, both because of the need to save resources as well as saving money on your water bills. An inefficient irrigation system may lead to water waste and higher bills, as well as potentially cause damage to your property. That’s the main reason your sprinkler repair service in Leander will likely recommend that you have your system inspected and optimized regularly in order to ensure that you are using just the right amount of water to meet your lawn care needs.

If your lawn is showing any of the following types of conditions, it may mean it is time to call a sprinkler repair service and have your system inspected:

  • Grass turning into a dull blue and grayish color.
  • You can tell where you have walked because your steps remain imprinted in the grass as if it were snow
  • Your grass blades tend to have dry soil sediments around the roots.
  • Some areas of your lawn seem swampy, or other areas are turning brown
  • Wilting leaves that are folding in on themselves

If you neglect to fix a maladjusted or broken sprinkler system, the worst case scenario could involve flooding that costs you thousands of dollars, not only in repairs but in water bills and municipal fines. So if you suspect anything wrong or know that something isn’t working correctly, call as soon as possible for sprinkler repair. Leander irrigation and sprinkler services can usually diagnose and fix systems fairly quickly and at a low cost.

Having your sprinkler and irrigation system inspected on a regular schedule is a good idea as well. Although well-maintained sprinkler and irrigation systems can last decades – even fifty to sixty years – pipes can wear down in shorter periods of time due to corrosions or blockages caused by various detritus. Slime and rust can also begin to accumulate and wear down sprinkler and irrigation piping. A sprinkler repair service in Leander can perform functions such as:

  • Checking for piping leaks or cracks
  • Adjusting and cleaning sprinkler heads for appropriate spray radii on a routine schedule
  • Optimizing the timer for your lawn, as well as municipal water use restrictions
  • Repairs to broken components in the pump, piping or sprinkler heads
  • Working to reduce water use while appropriately hydrating grass and plant life

Arranging an inspection with a sprinkler repair service in Leander is the first step towards keeping your sprinklers working properly and your lawn staying healthy for years to come.

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