Save Energy with Intermatic Timers

Timers are a specialized type of clocks for measuring time intervals. A timer which counts upwards from zero for measuring elapsed time is commonly known as a stopwatch. A device which counts down to zero from a specified time interval is more usually known as a timer. Time switches are timing mechanisms which activate a switch and are classified as timers.

Time switches can work alone for switching operations of lights and fans etc, or timers can be embedded into appliances in order to perform timing ON-OFF operations on the appliances. They can be designed using mechanical, electrical or electromechanical implementation techniques.

Intermatic timers are available in all these implementation mechanisms. Electronic and electromagnetic time switches provide energy conscious solutions for today’s demanding needs for energy usage. They have been designed to meet the needs of industrial, commercial and residential applications. They serve the needs of hospitals, schools, airports, office buildings and much more. Intermatic enclosures and other accessories help you protect your timers and time switches.

Intermatic timers come in a wide variety in the market. They include:

In-Wall Timers

Plug-In Timers

Timed Transformers – Power Packs

Among In-Wall Timers are: Springwound auto-off timers, mechanical in-wall timers and electronic in-wall timers. Springwound auto-off timers have been designed to replace any standard wall switch. They are energy efficient timers that do not require electricity for operation. They automatically limit the ON times for appliances. Electromechanical in-wall timers replace standard wall switches and provide automatic control of outdoor or indoor lighting, fans etc. Electronic timers, apart from turning lights, fans and pumps ON and OFF, and provide ideal switching operations for heavy-duty loads.

Intermatic Plug-In Timers provide the control you need to keep your home safe and comfortable. These timers help you reduce energy consumed by household loads. They include indoor, outdoor and appliance timers. Indoor plug-in timers feature flexible schedule, user-friendly programming, multiple event scheduling and an Astronomic function. Outdoor digital/photo timer provides a multitude of uses. It comes with an easy to set 7 days timer with astronomic features, and a Daylight Saving Time adjustment. Plug-In Appliance timers are great for heavy duty appliances such as air-conditioners, electric heaters and irons.

Intermatic offers the widest variety of power packs in any wattage and control option your system may require. Power packs are available from 44 to 900 Watts, allowing you to choose which power supply is right for your particular lighting plan.

All power packs are certified for safe operation and long life. Keyhole mountings are featured for ease of operation and installation.

Intermatic timers not only help you reduce the energy consumption and hence save money; they also provide protection to your expensive appliances against power surges. They provide you the ease of switching operations through automatic control of lights, fans and other heavy duty appliances. They switch the lights off during the day time when daylight is sufficient to keep your homes and rooms bright.

Through the use of Intermatic timers, you can make lighting control easy and efficient for your home as well as your workplace. Also your appliances will become more intelligent, can be automatically operated, and will have a longer life span.

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