Schwinn Cruiser Bicycles Have Remained Popular Throughout the Years

Whoever said that exercising can’t be fun? Well they obviously didn’t know about Schwinn cruiser bicycles. Both walking and biking are the best exercises and do not require much money to do. Walking is free and the cost of riding a bike is the bicycle itself. You no longer need to join an expensive gym in order to reap the benefits of exercise. If you are a serious biker, then you know that buying a quality bike is very important. You should consider it an investment especially if you participate in marathons, relays or even charity sponsored events.

The history behind it

Schwinn cruiser bicycles come in both 1 and 3 speeds and have great seating posture that also has balloon tires and a sturdy frame. These features make it perfect for either competing in events or just cruising the beach. The styles of the bikes can vary from maker to maker. Schwinn cruiser bicycles originally came about in the depression era of America. Schwinn wanted to be able to make a sturdy bike to offer to the public as well as make it affordable enough for anyone that wanted to purchase one. The first Schwinn cruiser bicycle that came about was called the Aero cycle. It became an immediate success with the public, young and old alike.

After the war

After World War II, the country just fell in love with the Schwinn cruiser bicycle. Due in part to its large success other bike manufacturers began to add things to their bikes and offer competition to Schwinn. The other manufacturer’s added things like fringed saddle bags and chrome plating that was put all over the bike. Schwinn cruiser bicycles remained very popular well into the 1950’s, but when the 1960’s came about the sale of the cruisers died off. This decline in sales went on through the 1970’s and then started to become popular once again in the 1980’s. Many people used to poke fun of those consumers that purchased these bikes in the 80’s but quickly realized that they were the punt of the jokes in the 90’s. This is when the Schwinn cruiser bicycle era was reborn and the cruiser craze exploded with popularity. Everyone loved these bikes and most people that owned a bike either owned a Schwinn or knew someone that did.

Schwinn cruiser bicycles are currently making a big comeback and once again are gaining popularity. The current models are just like the original but lighter in weight and even more affordable than ever and even being offered by mass retailers everywhere.

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