Secure Your House From Flood Damage In Pasadena

Flood damage in Pasadena does not only take a financial toll on the home owner but the emotional impact is often more significant. If you own a building in a flood prone area there are certain steps that you can take to reduce the risk of flood damage. Some of these tasks may require consultation with professionals. This article explains some of the flood management tasks that go a long way to secure your house from flood damage in Pasadena.

Waterproofing and Secure Electrical Systems From Flood Damage In Pasadena

Electrical systems are most prone to cause damage when they come in contact with water. In flood prone areas, electrical systems need to be on a higher ground. Consult with a licensed electrician to devise a plan for securing the electrical system away from the onslaught of water during flood. Check the historical flood levels and make sure that your electrical systems are at least a foot above those levels.  

Reduce flood damage in Pasadena by sealing out the water beginning from the exterior walls as small amounts of water can be damaging as well. A veneer that is waterproof should be added to the exterior walls. The siding should be replaced by plywood panels that are exterior-grade. Replace the interior insulation with closed cell foam insulation.

Fuel Oil Tank And Flood Damage In Pasadena

Flood management requires anchoring down the fuel tanks as they can easily tip with the force of the flood and contaminate the water. This very soon becomes a health, environmental and a fire risk. Fuel tank should be anchored such that they can’t tip or be carried away by water. The vent pipes and the fill should be above the historical flood levels and if possible use concrete slabs and steel straps with four inch bolts to secure the fuel tank. In the absence of concrete slabs, use the soil anchors to anchor the tank to the ground. In the cases where the fuel tank is in the basement, use concrete anchor bolts and a sealant to ensure that water doesn’t enter through the bolt openings.

Secure Sewer Valve Systems from flood damage in Pasadena

Valve systems need to be secured against backflow and flooding of the property especially if the root cause of the flooding is a broken toilet or sewer system. Backflow valves help with temporarily blocking the drain pipes and thus preventing the water from flooding the home. You might need to consult with a contractor to identify the valves that should be installed on the pipes in the tubs and sinks or any other that take the water away. A gate valve has a seal to prevent the backflow. A check valve opens when the flow is only in the outward direction and closes for the backflow.


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