Sedation Dentristy is an Important Option for Dental Patients

Some people are so anxious about visiting a dental office that they defer necessary treatments. It’s not just the procedures that terrify them. They can’t even tolerate the smell of the office, the sound of the equipment or the feel of the dental tools in their mouth. A dental office that offers Sedation Dentistry Oklahoma City services is the perfect solution for them. The only difference between the this and a typical dental practice is that they offer deep sedation.

Sedation Dentists let patients choose from three levels of sedation. They can determine which level of awareness is best for them. Patients can be given oral medication to take prior to their office visit. This relaxes them and lets them tolerate office conditions and procedures. Nitrous Oxide, which is administered in the dental office, relaxes many patients who experience lower levels of anxiety. General anesthesia is administered by an anesthesiologist in a hospital environment. The patient feels and remembers nothing.

Patients who are on a budget should consult with their dental insurance plans to determine how much will be covered. General anesthesia performed under the guidance of an anesthesiologist will be the most expensive option. However, if the patient’s anxiety is well documented, they may be able to increase coverage or even apply their general medical insurance. They will have to communicate with their insurance plan prior to receiving any treatment.

One of the advantages of general anesthesia is that many dental procedures can be combined into one office visit. That will reduce some of the costs associated with multiple visits. It reduces the amount of time the patient will have to request time off from work and arrange for transportation to and from the office. The dentist will be able to focus on completing the procedures without worrying about the mental state of a nervous patient. Patients considering a Sedation Dentistry Oklahoma City practice should verify the dentist’s experience with these techniques and who will be administering the sedation. It is also critical that the patient have adequate post-surgery monitoring until the anesthesia has worn off. For many anxious patients painless dental procedures are worth the added costs and monitoring.

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