Shake Up Your Run with Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Some people like their runs quiet, others like a bit of chaos. Some like to run through idyllic country roads, taking in the beautiful sights, sounds and smells around them, while others like the city runs, full of noise, people, obstacles, heat and mayhem. Are you someone who pushes themselves to the edge of physical endurance? Someone who when they go for a run, they’re not satisfied until they collapse in a heap of strained muscles, sweat and exhaustion? If you want more out of your run, you can use a wide range of methods to get the most physical training possible. By using things like outdoor fitness equipment, you can certainly get a better run. Here are some tips to shake it up:

Run, Sprint, Run

When out and about enjoying your run, every 5 minutes or so, sprint and push yourself. Go as fast as you can for 1 full minute then return to your normal running pace. Keep this up for your whole run, you’ll feel the benefits after the first few runs. Over time, you will be amazed by what you can do.

Incorporate All of Your Body!

Don’t just work your legs out. To push your run to the max, work everything out! Make use of any outdoor fitness equipment around. Push yourself to do as many reps of any exercise you can think of. If you can’t find any outdoor fitness equipment then use trees, benches and even the group; the word is your playground, use your imagination.

Get Real Gear

Now some people are fine with the simple running kit, some shorts, a vest and an old pair of running shoes. But to push your run to the extreme you’re going to need something extra. Personal outdoor fitness equipment is great for pushing your runs to the max, get some wrist and ankle weights to make you work that little bit harder. Why not a 25 lb chest pack to really push it? Remember, no pain no gain.

The Right Soundtrack

This might not seem so important, but it can make all the difference. Music massively effects your mentality when working out, especially when running. Your mental positioning can make all the difference between finishing a run, and turning around to grab a cab home. Get some fast paced club tracks, some hyper aggressive rap or even some military callout songs. It will make all the difference.

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