Should You Choose Wedding Tree Crystals for Your Wedding Tree?

If you are having an elegant and formal wedding, you can go all out with the decorations. What other time in your life is it okay to decorate the entire room in gorgeous crystals and all things shiny? If you are the type of bride who wants everything sparkling and shiny, your wedding is the time to go for it. One of the most popular centerpieces for winter weddings is the wedding tree. This tree can be adorned with a variety of materials, including fresh flowers, dried leaves and wedding tree crystals to name a few of the choices.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers make a gorgeous decoration at any event, but of course are right at home at a wedding. The Manzanita trees can be decorated with many types of fresh flowers to match the exact theme of your wedding. If the bride and her bridesmaids are carrying roses, you can adorn the wedding tree with roses. If you are looking for something different than the girls are carrying, you can choose any type of flowers. A few of the themes flowers can add their elegance to are rustic, Hawaiian, whimsical and romantic themes.

Dried Leaves

The benefit of using dried leaves on Manzanita branches is the ability to spray paint the leaves to match the décor or add to the décor of a wedding. One of the most popular times to use dried leaves on the wedding tree is for winter weddings because of the ability to spray paint the leaves sparkling silver to add to the rich, dark hues of a winter wedding theme.


The most popular centerpiece and wedding décor wedding planners all over are asked about today are the wedding tree crystals. The most popular crystals are the Swarovski crystals, but there are a wide variety of other types available as well. The crystals can be used in addition to the flowers or dried leaves or on their own for a simply gorgeous addition to any wedding. When you choose to use the crystals on their own, you can drape them from the top to the bottom of the tree for a dramatic centerpiece or focal point at your wedding.

Elegant weddings taking place any time of year will benefit from having a Manzanita tree as part of its décor. Perfect to use as centerpieces or floor décor, these trees can have a variety of different decorations. The trees themselves are flexible, making it easy to get the exact look you desire. If you wish to stick with the latest trends, brides today are choosing to decorate their wedding tree with wedding tree crystals, making for the most elegant wedding possible.

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