Should you Invest in a Bachelor Degree?

A college education opens your eyes to the World and provides better judgment and perspective. More importantly it can leverage your earnings considerably or help you edge out other less qualified candidates when you apply for a job.

The reason why many American students do not think about pursuing higher education in college is the question of cost. The factor that most discourages the quest for higher educational qualifications is the high cost of tuition and loss in potential earnings during the course of the degree. Many young Americans fear the accumulation of thousands of dollars in debt for student loans. They often doubt that the investment in higher education can pay off or compensate for the opportunity cost of choosing to pursue college over a full-time job. Some figures that have been released by the census bureau might help you choose your course of action. An average high school graduate would be expected to make around $1.2 million during the course of their adult life (2002 figures). Those with an associate’s degree might make $1.6 million and a bachelor degree holder could expect to earn $2.1 million through the span of their working life. Other statistics also support the fact that although initial cost of education by way of tuition fees and lost earnings may be considerable, when the large disparity in earnings between those who earn a bachelor degree and non-graduates is taken into account, the investment in a college education is suitably justified. By studying the return on investment, it is a smart choice to go in for a minimum bachelor degree while you are young in order to chart a better career.

A bachelor degree can help you to achieve better earning potential and many other advantages. For many, a bachelor degree improves their confidence in pursuing more challenging careers and enhances their social status. A college graduate can expect to enjoy a better standard of living and life style than less qualified individuals. Education is satisfying to those who have a scholarly frame of mind. In addition it helps in improving judgment and consumer decision making skills. Those with a bachelor degree have better savings habits and increased mobility while making career decisions or career changes. Those with higher education on an average also enjoy better health, due to better awareness and more disposable income. Parents with a college education would also encourage and finance their children to pursue their own bachelor degree. Sacramento residents can find suitable degree courses at nearby colleges with good national rankings.

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