Situations that Require a Private Investigator in NY

If you are ever unsure or suspicious of someone who is an important part of your life, you may wonder how you can ever know for sure. You could always try to follow the person yourself, but it can be extremely difficult to keep yourself hidden so they won’t notice. This is why it can be so important to hire a private investigator in NY to find out the truth in several situations.


One of the most common reasons to hire a private investigator is to prove infidelity. Some people are so good at hiding the fact they are cheating that it requires the help of an investigator to gather the proper proof. All you need is the suspicion to drive you to hire someone who can tail your spouse or significant other to discover if your suspicions are true. You don’t want them to be true, but your gut instinct doesn’t often steer you wrong.

Online Dating

Online dating has become more popular as technology has advanced and more people are turning to the Internet for more reasons. However, this can also make it easier for people to hide information about their identity and flat out lie to someone they are dating through the Internet. If you suspect the person you are communicating with isn’t completely honest, hiring a private investigator in NY can help you make the decision to end the relationship or move forward.

Custody Cases

When you have young children, it may be difficult to prove abuse, especially if it is emotional or verbal abuse. If you go in front of a judge without proof of what you are accusing your ex-spouse of, the judge isn’t likely to give your testimony much, if any, weight. Judges can’t afford to act on accusations alone; they require physical proof. A private investigator can help you legally gather the proof you need so you can protect your children.

For some people, hiring a private investigator in NY is solely for their own peace of mind and decision making. However, others hire these investigators to gather the proof they need for a legal case. Whether you want to know if your significant other or spouse is cheating on you, your online date is who he says he is or you need proof your ex is abusing the children, hiring a private investigator can reveal all the answers you need to move on with your life and to protect yourself and those you love.

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