Soul mate Imaginary or Real

In Orlando dating is essentially the pursuit of a soul mate. Thousands of single men and women spend a great amount of time and resources trying to find that one special someone to spend the rest of his or her life with. However, are we really looking for something that is attainable?  Is there really such a thing as a soul mate? It’s certainly a romantic notion. Not only do we all (well most of us) invest strongly into the notion that there’s a “one and only” for everyone (as is evident from the countless marriages we see in the US every year) but we also give great lip service to the idea of a soul mate in literature and in pop culture.

We are deeply invested in the idea of there being one person out there that you are destined to be with. There’s a reason why marriage as an institution in Western culture involves two people (not one person and a harem). Those of us who are single generally go through some period of time trying to pursue this idea. In Orlando, dating is like it is anywhere else: ultimately single people are looking to find that one person that makes his or her heart skip a beat.

On many levels, the idea of a soul mate is rather cliché. If there is such a thing as a soul mate, you have a one in seven billion chance to find that person. Theoretically speaking, that person could be absolutely anywhere on the globe, and possibly any age. Orlando dating  adventures are completely pointless if your soul mate happens to be located in, say, Japan. However, most people tend to define soul mate as a partner for life; someone that we are in love with. This requires proximity and accessibility, one would think, paired with an ability to communicate (the same language, for instance) and an ability to comprehend the same things that you comprehend. Furthermore a soul mate should be the right age to allow for a romantic connection. 

To allow the term “soul mate” to make more sense, consider for a moment that we may actually have many soul mates, and it isn’t necessarily a romantic connection. “Soul mates” can be any two individuals who are compatible with one another. We aren’t necessarily connected with this type of soul mate romantically or sexually. Not only do you perhaps share common interests but you actually “get” that other person on a deeper level that you don’t necessarily share with anyone else. We can form an intimate spiritual connection with another person without it ever being sexual.

In Orlando dating is just as important to people as it is anywhere else, and just like anywhere else, the quest for a life partner continues. However, there are many non-romantic connections that you can make with another human being in order to feel complete. There could even be a multitude of romantic connections in which another person touches your spirit intimately. There could be an infinite number of soul mates, some romantic connections and some not. Either way, whatever you are looking for, the key to connecting with another person lies in being open minded and being accepting of other people as well as yourself.

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