Special Needs Dentist Services : Why Do You Need Them?

Special needs children are those affected by developmental disorders, cognitive disorders, genetic disorders, and systemic diseases. In case there is a child with special needs at home, maintaining his daily routine can be a major challenge for his family. Children with special needs need to be handled carefully. And to be able to do it well, one needs to be trained just like the nurses in a special care center are. A very important observation made in cases of children with special needs is that they are at an increased risk of oral diseases than normal kids.

What Are The Reasons Behind Increased Oral Health Issues In Special Needs Children?

In comparison to normal kids, a greater percentage of special needs children develop oral health problems. This is mainly caused due to the diet and medication that is specific to each patient. Many families do not know that special diets for below-average weight children can lead to tooth decay. A special needs child is usually underweight and therefore, is prescribed drinks that have high amounts of carbohydrates. This can cause demineralization of teeth.

Let us look at how medications can cause tooth decay. Since these children find it hard to swallow pills due to hindered muscular activity, most of the medication is in the form of flavored, sugary syrups. Administering these medicines needs to be accompanied with mouth rinsing and cleaning of teeth. This is extremely difficult especially at night but ignoring it results in the sugar pooling around the teeth and gums of the patient. This increases the chances of tooth decay.

Such children need to be taken to special needs dentists regularly. They are trained to carefully handle such patients. In addition, they also train the parents and family of the patients in the necessary oral cleaning techniques. For example, while brushing the teeth of the patient, it is best if the caregiver approaches the child from behind and over the head. This helps the caregiver angle the toothbrush better and also allows him or her to control the patient’s head easily.

The dietary needs of these children cannot be hindered at any step. Therefore, most special needs dentists suggest frequent use of fluoridated toothpastes all along the day. Increased mouth-rinsing and rinsing with water also reduces the risk of tooth decay. Thus, it is very important to take the advice of a special needs dentist. Kinnelon, NJ residents, who have special needs children at home, must make sure they take their patients to such dentists regularly for well maintained oral health.


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