Sprucing up the Living Room with Fireplaces

Fireplaces have come a long way from the traditional wood-burning fixtures of long ago. In countries often visited by severe winter, fireplaces are indispensable tools for warmth and comfort. The family more often gathers around the fire while the burning logs give out that unique fragrance. Many memories are attached to a fireplace — kids roasting marshmallows and grandpa sitting in his armchair to enjoy the warmth from the fire. Those are the nostalgic moments that are forever imprinted in the mind and which will never be replaced.

However, as technology has encompassed life in this generation, the traditional fireplaces have gradually been replaced by gas or electric fireplaces. While it’s true that these modern fireplaces can be very convenient, there remains a difference when natural wood is burning and crackling. It might be messy and difficult to clean but it always serves as a reminder of the past. More and more families have certainly gravitated towards the gas and electricity fueled Fireplaces in Minneapolis MN due to the convenience of cleaning and maintenance including the reduction of safety hazards. Besides that, there are environmental issues that prevent one from owning the wood-burning fireplaces.

Chimneys are significant sources of smoke emissions that’s why most urban communities have made restrictions on the traditional forms of fireplace. Another disadvantage is creosote buildup which can cause a devastating fire if not given immediate attention. These safety hazards have been addressed by the modern and functional Fireplaces in Minneapolis MN. One drawback that has been effectively solved with fireplace inserts is the lack of heat generated from the modern fireplaces. Fireplace inserts can effectively distribute heat to all areas of the room; at the same time, they can make fireplaces more attractive.

However, people remain skeptical about the gas and electric fireplaces due to the cost of fuel. During the winter months when heating is required, the utility bills can rise sky-high. The greatest portion of the cost of fuel is attributed to both the heating and cooling system but when the weather turns mild; the fireplace does not need to be used continuously. It also makes more sense to use the fireplace only during nighttime when the cold is so severe that the family needs all the warmth they can get.

Professional installation of Fireplaces is necessary to assure safety. Always schedule maintenance during the months prior to winter to assure that the fireplace functions properly. If you postpone maintenance work, you might suffer the whole of winter without a working fireplace. A gas fireplace requires annual maintenance for checking of vents, valves, and pipes. However, you have no worries about ashes or soot as the gas fireplaces don’t produce these hazards.

With the many different kinds and styles of fireplaces in the market, you can easily find one which will complement the total ambiance of the home. It can be used as a focal point for the living room with fireplace inserts to add to its aesthetic beauty. It can certainly spruce up your living room besides providing the warmth and comfort for relaxation. 

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