Squirrels in the Attic? Get Help For Squirrel Removal in Columbus OH

Squirrels usually live in trees, but they may end up getting into a home’s attic or crawlspace in search of shelter and easy access to food and water. When they’re in a home, squirrels can cause a lot of damage and can potentially injure those living in the home. When there are squirrels in a home, it’s important for the homeowner to call for squirrel removal in Columbus OH right away.

Install a One-Way Door

It’s possible to install a small one-way door in the attic or crawlspace temporarily. This allows the squirrels to leave the space but will make sure they can’t get back in again. Doing this enables the homeowner to ensure the squirrels can easily leave the home without having to get into the attic or crawlspace to trap and remove them. This should not be done if there are baby squirrels in a nest, as the babies cannot fend for themselves if the parents can’t get back in.

Repair Any Damaged Areas of the Home

Squirrels can chew through the siding and other materials to gain entry to the home. When this damage is present, the squirrels will continue to have easy access to the inside of the home. Instead, homeowners should make sure any damaged areas are fixed. Remember, even tiny holes can let squirrels through, so any damage should be fully repaired.

Make Sure All Squirrels Leave the Home

The area should be watched to ensure the squirrels all leave the attic or crawlspace. If there are babies in a nest, they may need to be removed and relocated by a professional instead of using a one-way door because the parents will not be able to take care of the babies if they can’t get back inside. A professional can advise on the best way to ensure all squirrels are removed from the home.

If you’ve noticed signs of squirrels getting in your attic, make sure you get help right away to have them removed. A professional can handle squirrel removal in Columbus OH quickly and easily. Contact us to learn more about squirrel removal services or to set up an appointment to have a professional visit your home.

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