Stay Close to Loved Ones with Memorial Keepsakes in a Memory Garden

Just because someone is no longer a part of your life, because they’ve passed onto the next world, you don’t have to forget them. Memorial keepsakes help you cherish the times you shared.

The days when memorial keepsakes were limited to a couple of photographs or an heirloom that’s been passed from one person to the next have long gone. Today there’s a number of different ways you can honor the loved ones you have lost.

Creating a memory garden can be one of the best ways to maintain a connection with both people and pets you’ve been forced to say goodbye to. Using memorial keepsakes to design a memory garden won’t be difficult, and you’ll have a lovely, serene place to visit anytime you want to be alone with your memories.

When you pick a location for your garden, you want to select an area that’s both quiet and private. You’re creating a place where you can relax and be alone. You don’t want to be bothered by your neighbor or listen to the incessant drone of traffic each time you sit down. Many people like to position their memory garden so it can be easily seen from the house, allowing them to feel connected to the spot even when the weather becomes too bad to sit outside.

The garden’s atmosphere should be serene. When visiting the plants and memorial keepsakes, you want to feel at peace. Hanging wind chimes or setting up a small water feature can be very soothing and help you become lost in your memories. While choosing the plants you wish to plant, you should plan on brightly colored specimens, they can be symbolic of hope. In addition to engraved flat stones and other memorial keepsakes, you might want to consider a bird feeder. Watching birds, squirrels, and chipmunks can help you feel less sad and alone. They’ll make you smile, even on your darkest day. Whenever possible, you should try to include something beautiful to look at. A gorgeous view or a nice piece of statuary can provide you with a focal point, which makes meditation and remembering easier.

You need someplace to sit down. Although you can bring a lawn chair along each time you go outside to sit in your memory garden, in the long run you will probably be happiest when you set up a comfortable and permanent bench. Some people have added a small gazebo so they can enjoy the space even when it’s raining.

When you’re in the garden you have created to honor someone you loved, you need to make sure your family understands you need to be left alone with your thoughts, that they shouldn’t bother you unless there’s a serious emergency that needs your attention. takes pride in the memorial keepsakes they sell. They have a wonderful reputation for helping customers find the perfect memento for their memory garden.

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