Stay safe with portable water filtration solutions

Contaminated water is a global epidemic. People in every land suffer debilitating pain from water-borne diseases.  Many die. Parasites infect anyone who swallows or simply has contact with contaminated water.

Some diseases endemic to contaminated water are:

Amoebic dysentery occurs after consuming contaminated food or water; amoebae cause an intestinal infection.  Symptoms range from fatigue and cramps to bloody diarrhea.  Treatment is not always available or successful.
E. coli is not always dangerous, but can be deadly.  It is contracted from contaminated food or water, leading to urinary tract infections and diarrhea.  Swimming or drinking from any contaminated water supply can result in e. coli infection.  People generally recover in a week.

Schistosomiasis is a parasite found in contaminated freshwater lakes. About 240 million people worldwide suffer from chronic ill-health as a result of this infestation.  It leads to a variety of problems, as reinfection is constant.

The massive number of people suffering from these and many other water-borne diseases seems unforgivable when solutions exist.  Poverty and illness go hand-in-hand.  While it is unfortunately not yet possible to provide clean, pure water to everyone who needs it, anyone who hikes or travels does not need to risk their health.  All of the diseases that can be acquired from contaminated water are just plain nasty.  Vacationers joke about ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’, but the joke is totally lost on anyone who has been through it.

Sawyer Products has been providing innovative solutions for outdoor protection for 30 years.  Anyone who will need clean, safe water outdoors needs their portable water filtration solutions. Harmful bacteria, protozoa or cysts (E. coli, Vibrio cholerae, Salmonella typhi and Giardia) cannot pass through their certified filters.  The filters are easy to use, have a very fast flow rate and their life can be extended by backwashing.  In fact, almost all of the Sawyer Water Filters have a 1 million gallon guarantee!  These small, portable filters are so efficient that they are able to turn contaminated water into water so pure that it exceeds standards for bottled water without needing a trained operator or power source.  No one should head into the wilderness without a Sawyer Water Filter. Visit to know more.

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