Step into the Modern Age with Dentist in Olympia WA

The field of dentistry has made a lot of advancements in the past decade or two. Many dentists are still using the older methods and technologies because they haven’t quite embraced these new methods. The new advancements can make going to the dentist a more positive experience for all patients. The new methods can also help people understand their dental health better, and help them improve their dental care at home. One example of these modern improvements that can be found at a dentist in Olympia WA is the use of digital radiography instead of a traditional x-ray. The digital picture comes out much quicker than the x-ray would. The digitial picture is also much more clear and easier for the dentist to enhance as needed. This simple change can make the dentist much more effective at finding any potential issues.

One of the things that many people fear the most when going to the dentist is getting a painful injection. When making a visit to a dentist in Olympia WA, patients will find that one of the advancements they have made is using painless injections. This means that the entire process of getting any dental work done becomes virtually painless. This factor alone will make many people more comfortable with their trips to the dentist.

Another service offered by Dr. and other modern cosmetic dentists is an advanced teeth whitening system known as the Zoom 2 system. This process works in just two sessions to whiten teeth and make them six or seven shades whiter. The first sessions involves making the trays that will be used in the process, and making sure the patient is a good candidate for the process. The second session is the actual whitening where the Zoom light is used to eliminate stains from the teeth. A whiter smile is something that many people seek to help them feel more comfortable and confident.

Going to the dentist is not often a favorite activity for people, but going to a more modern dentist can help make the appointment more enjoyable. Modern techniques combined with a knowledgeable dental staff make for a great combination that all patients will appreciate.

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