Stop Wasting Time

It is a known fact that if you are busy making your own tools, you are wasting time.  You should not be making your own tools but rather creating the product for which you are known and for which people place their orders.  When you are being kept busy sharpening blades and creating your knives on your own time with your own equipment and manpower, you are not producing.  When you are not producing, you are not making money.  In the past it was economical for experienced craftsmen to make their own molder knives. It was more economical and made more sense to use their own tools.  This  is no longer the case.  

In today’s world, the price of the materials, machine upkeep, and the manpower necessary to create molder knives is high for an independent craftsman and even for a shop to maintain. When a knife maker can buy the materials in bulk, they are able to get a discount that the average shop owner cannot.  The average shop owner does not need the large quantities of materials and will usually not have the capital necessary to make the purchases.  It can be expensive to buy large amounts of materials necessary to get the discounts.  Otherwise, you are stuck purchasing pieces little by little and that is not cost effective.  The materials are not cost effective to buy piece by piece and neither is the equipment maintenance.  

Each time you use your own equipment, you are wearing it down.  Not only do you run the risk of needing to repair it, the machine may completely break.  When this happens, you are stuck replacing the machine in order to finish the job.  This can make the job a complete loss when you look at the expenses you had in order to finish it.  

You can choose to order the molder knives and let someone else worry about the material costs and equipment.  It may seem to be a higher price than if you would make it yourself but after you consider the manpower and other variables, ordering the molder knives from a reputable company may make the most sense for your bottom line.  When you are working on a tight budget for a project, anything out of the ordinary will can cause your profit to decrease and that, of course, is not desirable. 

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