Talk To The Roofers In Fort Worth About Cool Roofs

Roofers in Fort Worth will probably recommend using a cool roof if you are looking for a new roof for your house. A cool roof has either a coating on the existing roof or uses a highly reflective material for the roof, metal, being the most popular choice. This reflective coating is very popular with commercial and industrial properties but is also gaining momentum for energy efficient, green conscious residents.

Understand The Properties Of Cool Roofs With Your Roofers In Fort Worth

Cool roofs are measured in terms of the reflective and emitting properties. The scale of measurement is from 0 to 1. White Vinyl is one of the common materials used with a reflective scale of 0.8 and an emitting scale of 0.70. This means that this material reflects back 80% of the sun’s rays and emits 70% of the heat absorbed. Both these properties when combined together are called the Solar Reflectance Index Score. If you are looking for a cool roof, find a roof with a SRI score close to 100.
Most of the material used for cool roofs is light colored. For most effective energy efficiency plan to install radiant heat barriers that are thin layer of insulation installed on the underside of the roof. They reduce the radiant heat transfer the attic by 95%. With metal roofs, you can also install systems to catch rainwater for run-off or landscaping uses.

Talk To The Roofers In Fort Worth About Important Considerations For Cool Roofs

Make sure that the metal roof you purchase is lead free both for the alloy and the coating. A metal roof with steep pitch is ideal as it is most efficient when it comes to water pooling, leakages or ice dams. This gives a huge advantage to avoid moisture penetration and any moisture related failure or water damage to the roof. You should plan for proper attic ventilation with ridge, soffit and gabled vents. An improved air circulation will keep the attic cooler. Proper care must be taken by your roofers in Fort Worth to ensure that the roof is installed properly otherwise even the most efficient roof can develop water damage, rot and mold growth with a poorly installed roof. You can further be more environmentally conscious by using material that uses 100% recycled metal.

Discuss the benefits of cool roofs with your roofers in Fort Worth

One of the most important criteria before making any decision is the cost of installing a cool roof. The cost of installing a metal roof is not going be much higher than installing asphalt shingles and at the same time you get extended lifespan for the roof and save money on the utility bills during summer months. These roofs are most economical for the warmer climates as they keep the house cooler. During winter months, you might need some extra heating if the mercury dips too low.


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