Termites in Freehold

Preventing Damage Due To Termite Infestations

A termite infestation can cause a lot of damage to your which may become dangerous to the safety of your family and which will be expensive to repair. If you have found any signs of an infestation or have heard of termites in Freehold, you should take immediate action to protect your home and family. If a quick inspection around the outside of your home reveals mud tubes or signs of the wood or soil coming into contact with any porous building materials, you should take prompt action before the termites have time to establish a colony on your property.

One of the best ways to ensure that your property and home are safe is to arrange for regular inspection and treatments through a pest control professional in your area. These treatments are designed to decrease the possibility for a termite attack. Keeping termites away is one of the very best ways to protect the susceptible wood foundations of the home.

There are several other things that home and business owners can do to make their property less attractive for termite pests. Check the rain gutters of your home. Those gutters attached to the roof of the home are a popular point of attack for termites. Keeping the gutters clean of wet leaves and other debris will keep termites out and will also prevent further moisture damage from occurring to your home.

Woodpiles are a popular home for termites in Freehold. If you have your firewood stacked near the walls of your home, move them further away. Piles of wood for construction projects may also be a source of termites. Keeping any wooden boards away from the walls of the home is another great suggestion. Pay attention to keeping your yard clean in general. Cardboard, piles of dead branches, wet leaves and other yard detritus can all create the warm, wet conditions that attract termites.

Anywhere moisture moves between your home and the outdoors will be a potential source of access for termites. If you have an air conditioning unit, be sure that there is sufficient clearance between it and the home. Leaky faucets, vents from your dryer and drainage from the washing machine may also be spots to watch. Promptly fixing the leaks, venting away from the home and constantly monitoring for areas where water pools are good habits to establish if you want to prevent termites in Freehold.

Take steps today to prevent an infestation of termites Freehold. Keeping your home and yard clean, watching for standing water, and scheduling a professional to provide annual treatments will go a long way towards driving away termites in Freehold.

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