The 12 Step Drug Treatment Program

If you are searching for a drug treatment program you will come across a wide variety of programs to choose from. Although these programs vary in their approach to drug treatment, there is something that is common about many of these programs. They are based on the twelve step treatment program.

The twelve step treatment program was originally designed for the treatment of alcoholics. The original program was suggested by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The program has since been adapted by other addiction recovery programs and has been used as the basis of the design for other 12 step programs.

Although there are twelve steps to the process, they can be summarized into six points. The first is that you must admit that you are addicted. Many people refuse to face the fact that they are addicted to drugs. They tell themselves that they can stop any time they want to. However, the fact is that they cannot control their compulsion to take drugs. For a drug treatment program to be successful it is important that the person admit that their compulsion to take drugs is out of their control. Acknowledging this weakness as well as the control that the drugs have taken in their lives is the first step to recovery.

The twelve step programs are based on spiritual principles. There will therefore be a need for the person to acknowledge that they cannot overcome the drug addiction through any strength of their own. They need to acknowledge that a higher power will provide the strength to overcome the addiction. It is therefore important to consider the spiritual philosophy of the drug treatment program. You should ensure that the program conforms to your spiritual beliefs. You will otherwise experience conflict throughout the program. This will hinder your progress.

These programs encourage the new members to seek assistance and guidance from successful members who have overcome their addictions. The programs seek to help members to learn from past experiences of others. You will therefore be provided with a sponsor. This sponsor will be your companion as you go through your recovery. They will be a shoulder to lean on.

You will also have to make amends for the errors you have made. This means reconciling with those you have hurt and forgiving those who have hurt you. You may also have to take part in activities such as community service that will help you make up for things that you did in the past.

You will need to change your behavior and adopt new habits for your new drug free life and finally assist others who are also undergoing the same struggles that you have undergone. This will help you stay clean for the long term.

There are various drug treatment programs in America. Most of these programs are based on the 12 step drug treatment and recovery program discussed here.

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