The benefits of cork wallpaper

Cork wall covering is usually available in squares and in rolls; this type of cork wallpaper has both decorative and functional purposes in the home and in the office. Although the material is relatively thin for ease of installation, it still provides reasonable sound deadening qualities.

Cork wallpaper and tiles have a number of significant advantages over other wall coverings. As cork is not a man made material there are no chemicals used in its production, this means that there is no chemical odor nor are there any man-made fibers which can be released into the air. These features make the material ideal for those who may be sensitive to allergens, it is one material that has unique beauty and does not trigger any allergic reactions.

Just because the material is cork there is a natural assumption on the part of many people that the finished wall is like one big cork board. This is not the case, cork wallpaper and wall tiles are very thin and are not designed for this use. If the intention is to create a cork board for the office or kitchen then one must use thicker cork squares which are readily available in any stationary store.

Because of the natural sound deadening qualities cork also reduces any potential of echo in the room. This makes the material ideal in a space where acoustics are important; this material is often used in conference rooms. When the material is used for décor in the home, there is a peaceful, intimate and relaxing feeling in the room.

Although there are other wall coverings that are less expensive; cork is probably the least expensive compared to other natural wall coverings. It is possible to create a beautiful room, different than any other, all done on a reasonable budget.

Cork is a versatile material, it can be purchased in rolls or squares and, although the products are different, cork can be used as both wall covering and flooring.
Cork wallpaper is readily available, a business that caters to interior designers and consultants usually carry the widest number of variations but the material can also be purchased in many home stores and DIY shops. Most material has self adhesive backing for ease of installation.

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