The Benefits of Using a Weight Loss Counselor

Overeating is one of the main causes of weight gain. The inability to control overeating hinders your ability to lose weight and adds to your agonizing situation. It turns into a vicious cycle of eating, yo-yo dieting, and a wide range of emotions. A weight loss counselor can help you get control of your overeating so you can enjoy a healthier and happier way of life. The following will cover the benefits of using a professional counselor to help you with your weight loss.

  • Education – You will get an education about when overeating started to be a problem for you and how to overcome whatever triggered it. It can start in early childhood, or it can develop later in life. No matter when or how overeating became problematic for you, counseling helps you discover the reason and give you the tools to take control over it.


  • Support – You are never alone when you have a supportive counselor that is a mere phone call away. It isn’t uncommon for people who yo-yo diet or try to lose weight on their own to falter and lose their motivation. Professional weight loss counseling provides you with a support system to help you when you lose your motivation or feel like you are faltering.


  • Guidance – Every person who has ever tried to lose weight understands the need for some level of guidance along the way. Weight loss and getting control of overeating is a journey. You are held accountable for your own eating habits, but with someone there to guide you and provide you with effective techniques for weight loss, you can win.
  • Complete plan – Having a family that doesn’t understand your journey makes overcoming your overeating a bigger challenge. Weight loss counseling should encompass working with the family as well as with the person suffering with self-destructive behavioral patterns. Cognitive and behavioral therapies are part of a complete weight loss psychotherapy program.

Other solutions like self-help groups and nutritionists can be helpful for the extra support and education, but are not substitutes for getting to the root of your overeating. It is important to learn how to change your thought process and find a better way to eat and control your overeating. Your health and quality of life depends on putting an end to overeating. Linda Charnes, LMFT is a weight loss counselor that provides a complete approach to weight loss.

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