The Benefits of Using the Right Pool Chemicals in Houston

Pool ownership is a great way to have fun in the sun and participate in water-based sports such as volleyball and water polo. Unfortunately, microbes can cause serious health problems for pool users. To maintain a sanitary swimming environment and ensure visual clarity, it’s beneficial to use the right chemical treatments. Learn about the advantages of pool chemicals in Houston with the following details.

Kill Harmful Water Microbes

Pool water can be an open invitation for harmful microbes. These unwanted infectious agents can cause disease and illness in pool users. Some examples of microorganisms that often invade pools include Salmanella, E. coli, and parasites. Diarrhea, outer ear infections, and respiratory infections are a few of the illnesses pool users can get from these microorganisms. A pool chemical such as chlorine can eliminate most of the illness-causing microbes in a pool.

Reduce Algae Presence

One of the most irritating substances found in pools is algae. This organism can float freely in a pool or grow on the sides and bottom of a pool. The majority of algae are not harmful. However, the bacteria that feed off algae can be detrimental. In addition, an algae infestation can cloud the water, diminish depth perception, and degrade pool surfaces. To get rid of this pesky plant growth, it’s beneficial to use an algae-fighting chemical such as potassium tetraborate or chitin.

Maintain Visual Clarity

It’s important to have a comprehensive view of the entire swimming environment. This enables pool users to safely navigate the pool to avoid hazards. Also, the murky pool can hinder a pool rescue when a person is drowning. In addition, a visually pleasing pool makes a pool more inviting so pool users will be eager to use it. Using the right chemicals helps keep water clear and free of grime.

By learning about pool chemicals in Houston, a pool owner can prevent waterborne illnesses and maintain sanitary pool water. This assists in enhancing pool sanitation and pool water quality. For information on pool water treatments, please contact us by visiting the website of Cryer Pools & Spas. The specialists at this pool store strive to offer superior pool services, pool chemicals, and pool education.

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