The Best Rebecca Ray Bags for Dog Owners

Rebecca Ray bags look beautiful, but they’re also exceptionally well-crafted. The quality mimics products made by hand ages ago. Equestrian-grade brass and nickel hardware, paired with softened saddle leather and expert stitching, protect whatever is inside when the owner is on the go. This is especially important for dog owners who may bring their furry friends along.

One of the most common ways small dogs are injured is falling to the ground. They’re delicate creatures with fine bones and tender joints, which are easy to damage. This is the main reason small children need help holding smaller breeds and puppies. It isn’t just a safety issue for the child but a major risk for the dog too. When dropping from the arms of a child to the ground causes serious injury, breaking straps or faulty construction are understandably a worry.

Starlets and socialites made carrying pooches in purses a trend a few years ago. It’s unclear how many furry friends have been hurt when a handle snapped or a bag burst open. Despite the trend of using pets as accessories, these owners cared. Unfortunately, they might not have known the risks or what to look for in design or construction, such as in Rachel Ray bags.

The Betsy by Rebecca Ray is an excellent choice for small dog owners. The durable cotton body is reinforced with heavy top-stitching and accented with leather and brass handle rings. The rolled leather handle offers comfort and extra strength. Inside, the bag is lined in preparation for mishaps. An interior zippered pocket allows for carrying additional items a dog might chew on. It is a small, town and country bucket-style bag perfect for the smallest breeds to ride along in.

The Sadie may be a more popular choice for adventurous dogs that do a lot moving. The messenger bag made of waxed canvas comes with lining and both interior and exterior pockets. The top can also fold over, offering protection from the elements.

Dog owners love their tiny charges and care passionately for their well-being. Rebecca Ray bags are built with that level of concern in mind. From excellent craftsmanship to practical features, they are the very best for taking dogs over the shoulder.

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