The Best Way to Buy Prom Dresses Online

Most young women want a specific dress, one that they have seen in a magazine or by searching online. In many cases, those prom dresses are only available online, so you can’t go to the store and try it on. Therefore, it is important to follow a few tips when you go online to buy your dress. These tips will ensure that you love the dress on your body just as much as you loved the picture.

Know Your Body

Everyone has a perfect color or a perfect fit and it’s important to find yours before shopping online for prom dresses. Types of figures include slender, hourglass, pear, apple, petite and busty.

Women with busty figures will want to wear v-neck dresses that have sleeves or wide straps. These women will need to wear a bra because of their heavy busts and don’t want to show any straps.

Petite women should wear shorter dresses to show off their legs. Asymmetrical hems are also a great choice, because they will help you appear taller.

Pear shaped women should consider prom dresses with a fitted top and a full skirt, which will show off your bust and hide your behind.

Women that have bodies shaped like an apple have a small bust, large behind and small hips. The most flattering type of dress for these women is one with an empire waist because it hides the larger middle and bottom.

Hourglass figures are the most desired by all women because you can wear any dress that calls to you. Your body is very well proportioned and can wear empire waists, full skirts, fitted tops, delicate gowns and everything in between.


When it comes to your size, you will likely find that designer dresses are smaller than normal sizes. It is important to know your dress size, which may be different than your jeans size. Sizes are in numbers from 00 to 24. Many times, you can contact the company that sells the dress and ask them for a sizing chart or find one for the dress on the website. The chart will show different measurements and you can measure yourself to ensure you find the right size.

If you are still unsure, order a size bigger than you usually wear. You can always have it altered professionally to fit you snugly.


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