The Different Types Of Massage In Kettering

If you are looking into getting a massage in Kettering, you may want to be aware of the variety of massage methods available. Some of these massage methods include deep tissue massage, pressure point massage or acupressure, Swedish massage, and stone massage.

The deep tissue method of massage is the method most often recommended for patients who may be involved in intense physical activity, those who are receiving massage therapy following an injury, and those who suffer from chronic pain. However, although the name implies that deep tissue massage involves deep and sustained pressure, this is not necessarily the case in every instance. Deep tissue massage is so called because it is used to treat specific problem areas. Patients may frequently see a chiropractor for a deep tissue massage in Kettering when what they really want is a deep pressure massage, which involves deep, intense strokes and pressure across the entire body rather than in a localized area.

Pressure point massage may also be known as acupressure or traditional Chinese massage. This involves massaging specific points on the patient’s body to relieve pain and offer other medical benefits. Though this is seen in the western world as massage, it originated in Asia as a medical practice several centuries ago. It is used today more for its medical benefits than for relaxation. It is frequently used in conjunction with herbal therapy and vibration treatments and may be a good fit for those patients looking for a massage in Kettering to treat various medical conditions.

The method of Swedish massage involves using five basic strokes to massage the patient. The benefits of Swedish massage in particular vary widely, and Swedish massage has proven effective as a relaxation technique as well as providing pain relief for arthritic patients and those patients with bone disorders such as osteoporosis. If you are looking for a Swedish massage in Kettering, make sure that your chiropractor is aware of your concerns and is qualified to perform this type of massage.

Stone massage is quickly becoming more and more popular. This method of massage involves hot stones being placed strategically on a person’s body. The stones retain heat and then release the heat into the patient’s body. As the heat from the stones penetrates the patient’s muscles, the muscles are able to relax, thereby relieving muscle tension. Another method of stone massage involves the therapist coating stones in oil and massaging the patient’s body with the stones in long, gliding strokes.

There are many methods of massage and it is up to you and your chiropractor to determine which would be most effective in treating you. A qualified chiropractor will best know what type of massage to use for your specific problem areas or symptoms.

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