The duties of a real estate agent

by | May 25, 2024 | Real Estate

A real estate agent is engaged in the buying and selling of real estate, this can be residential property, investment property, commercial property and even bare land. The agent must be intimate with the Mississauga, ON, real estate market, he must be able to understand the aspects of the property; both the positive and the negative and he must know the ins and outs of promotion and closing the transaction. In most cases, the real estate agent can work on his clients behalf to arrange financing if necessary. For all of the work he does, the compensation is in the form of commission based on the final price of the property.

When a real estate agent is engaged to help someone buy a house the first thing he has to know is the type of house, the preferred location and the amount the buyer can comfortably afford. Real estate agents are always connected to networks; the agent can tap into these networks and find which homes meet the client’s criteria. The client will be taken to the homes, as many as the agent can find, the agent will explain the pros and cons of the property and provide his estimate of what the property is worth. If the client wishes to make an offer, the agent will help in establishing the offer price and make it on the client’s behalf.

There are other people and companies involved before the transaction can be finalized. The banks or mortgage company will be involved of course as will insurance companies and inspectors. The Mississauga, ON, real estate agent will know these people and make the arrangements on the buyer’s behalf.

For every buyer there must be a seller. The real estate agent will take single properties to sell or in many cases he or she will negotiate an arrangement with a builder of new homes that are on the market. Either way, the agent arranges to show the house to any potential buyers. The selling agent helps the client prepare the house for the most attractive showing, if it needs a bit of paint or the carpets cleaned, the agent will point this out. Often the agent will hold an open house; this is a very popular way of selling new homes that have been built on speculation.

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