The Healing Power of Ethicon Sutures

Ethicon sutures are a brand of suture trusted by many veterinarian surgeons and animal health care providers. Ask your veterinarian about Ethicon sutures to ensure your pet’s recovery from surgery.

Strength and Numbers
The strength and flexibility of this product can allow for their use in any number of different situations, including a wide range of absorbable and non-absorbable sutures that can be used in internal or external surgeries. There are a number of different Ethicon sutures that are divided among characteristics such as tensile strength, absorbability, and whether or not the suture itself will be a monofilament or a braided product.

Division by Purpose
Ethicon sutures are suggested for different categories of treatment. The type of injury or surgery for which they are being used with be the determining factor as to which product will be most well suited. Monofilament, absorbable Ethicon sutures can offer fast wound healing support, procedures that require a high amount of tensile strength, or for slow wound healing. Non-absorbable monofilament, on the other hand, may be used for skin closure procedures, infected wounds, or the highest tensile strength in the form of a stainless steel suture. Braided sutures, on the other hand, may be used for dental surgeries, and can even come in the form of an antibacterial suture to create an area around the suturing site that inhibits bacterial infection.

The Safety of Sutures
Ethicon sutures have been widely and successfully used in the past to treat injuries of all types, all thanks to the quality of the product itself. The high tensile strength, when needed, will completely prevent the re-opening of a wound. The philosophy behind Ethicon sutures involves the behavior of animals. As they are more prone to breaking sutures, whether accidentally or on purpose, it is important to offer the highest strength possible for what the situation will allow. Dental Ethicon sutures in particular have a higher rate of breaking prematurely, which makes the right suture for the procedure all the more important as a choice.

Reduce Flare-Ups and Reoccurrence
Ethicon sutures can be used to prevent reinfection of a previously treated site through use of an antibacterial coating, or it can be coated to allow for an easier pass through tissue which will allow a more generous and well-formed tying. These advantages will mean a reduced chance of reinfection, or the reopening of a wound, and will lead to a higher recovery from both minor and major surgical operations. 

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