The Importance of Environmental Allergen Testing in Columbus, OH

There are many allergens that are found indoors. Poor air quality, lack of ventilation, and tracking in allergens from outside are a few causes of interior allergens. Pet dander, dust mites, and other particles can also cause allergies. People who suffer from asthma or hay fever are cautious when outdoors, but do not realize that symptoms can be exacerbated by indoor allergens as well. Environmental Allergen Testing in Columbus OH is important to determine the air quality in homes and commercial buildings. Testing is cost-effective, and many tests are simple and quick, so there will be no business interruptions or major inconvenience to homeowners.

Whether people suffer from seasonal or regional allergies or have reactions to fungal allergens, testing can help identify the problem. From that point, mitigation can be completed. Comprehensive environmental allergen testing in Columbus OH can include thorough testing for pet dander, mice or rats, cockroaches, dust mites, mold, mildew, and bacteria. Many particles in the air can go unnoticed for long periods of time. Things like mold and mildew may begin to smell musty after a while but, by then, severe damage has been done to the air, walls, flooring, or structural components. Repairs can be costly at that stage, and irreversible damage can be done to lungs, nasal passages, and the entire respiratory system.

Symptoms can be subtle at first, which makes then easily attributed to something else. A headache from bacteria in the air, for example, can be mistaken for stress, fatigue, or the beginning of a cold. People will take a pain reliever and not give the headache a second thought. It is often not until symptoms are severe, or damage is visible, that the issue is detected.

Environmental Allergen Testing in Columbus OH can prevent illnesses and save business and homeowners a lot of time and money on repairs, mitigation, and restoration. An experienced company, such as Envirospect, for example, will have state of the art testing equipment to detect problems in their early stages. Do not hesitate to call and have testing completed. The documentation will be helpful when selling a building, and the health of the inhabitants or employees will be protected.


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