The Importance of Recycling in the UAE

In today’s efforts to save the environment, every country is pushing for more intensive recycling efforts. The UAE is no exception. The Dubai Municipality has created many programmes and incentives to encourage more recycling in the UAE. The programmes range from placing bins and bags right at the homes of citizens to give them a place to put their recyclables, as well as strategically placing bins in public places to make recycling a small effort that has a large impact on society. One of the biggest efforts is to encourage the recycling of newspapers.


The UAE has put forth an aggressive programme to encourage the recycling of newspapers. This helps the newspaper publishers to make their publications less harmful to the environment. It also helps reduce the costs publishers have to endure to make their newspapers available. The programme for recycling in the UAE works by giving each newspaper subscriber bags in which they put their used newspapers. The bags will be collected once every two weeks.

How Consumers Benefit

Consumers have the benefit of doing their part to help the environment by reducing the number of resources newspaper companies must use in order to publish their papers. As an added benefit, the UAE has created an incentive to give consumers another reason to want to recycle. The papers can be traded in for valuable coupons that can be used in various stores, as well as places of entertainment. This added savings give consumers the extra incentive to want to participate in the program.

How Publishers Benefit

By using recycled materials, the amount of electricity and water are reduced, which helps save the environment. This also cuts the costs newspaper publishers must endure. These savings add up to benefit both the publishers and the consumers.

The programmes to encourage recycling in the UAE are meant to turn the area into a community that makes recycling a normal part of their daily life. The fewer resources the country must use, the friendlier they will be to the environment. If every country participates in such programmes, the combination will have a great impact on the environment as a whole. The UAE is doing everything they can to keep track of just how much is recycled and how great their impact is on the environment.

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