The Importance of the Video Matrix Switch for Your Business

Sometimes your video components require more intricate designs than those for which you have them set up. This is typically true in the business world when you need to set up conferences, seminars or training sessions that have multiple video needs. If you have the need for multiple inputs directed to multiple outputs or you have a single input you need directed to multiple outputs for a large audience or range of people, your answer lies in the video matrix switch.

Multiple Connections

The name video matrix switch means you can have multiple inputs and outputs for your video system. There are a large number of switches available, ranging from two inputs or outputs to 64 inputs or outputs, giving businesses of all sizes choices when it comes to their technology needs. The exact needs of your business will determine the size switch you require. There are a variety of types of switches available, each of which depends on the type of video signals you require.

HDMI Switch

The HDMI switch is the most modern switch available today. It allows multiple input or output of HDMI video, which is the quality video available today. This switch works on digital video switching and allows each output to retain a full signal, allowing the output to be 100 percent clear for your business without sacrificing any quality. There is only one HDMI cable required. The video matrix switch can have multiple ways to connect to your source.


The VGA device allows the input and output of multiple VGA videos. The devices that are comprised of VGA include laptops and DVDs and are the more basic video needs. This basic video matrix switch allows distances that equal up to 200 feet to display your various video needs for your business.


Businesses today mostly run on digital information, which is why the DVI video matrix switch is vital. This is important for businesses that have display needs, such as signs, whether for advertisement or informational purposes, including stores, banks and healthcare institutions. The digital DVI splitter is combined with the switch for one component to provide multiple outputs from a single or multiple input digital video system.

If your video needs are greater than you expected, it is time to look into a video matrix switch to help you use as many inputs and outputs of your video data you require. The right switch will allow you to experience the quality you desire without going over budget or getting too technologically involved that you cannot handle it yourself.

Video Matrix Switc

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