The ins and outs of car insurance

Before purchasing auto insurance in Dexter MO there are a number of things that must be taken into consideration. The make, model and year of your car, your past driving records and your budget are three important factors.

Almost every state now demands that you have car insurance; this auto insurance in Dexter MO is referred to as “the policy” and the policy that you have reflects your needs. Most policies are actually made up a host of smaller coverage’s; the basics of car insurance are as follows, some of which are mandatory depending on the state; others are options that the insured can elect to have.

  1. Liability is the basis of all auto insurance in Dexter MO and is that which covers another person’s injuries and damage in the event you feature in a collision. This insurance will cover the cost of your defense in a court case as well as court costs. Each state has a minimum amount that you can carry but there is nothing stopping an individual from purchasing excess.
  2. Collision car insurance is the insurance that covers the cost to repair the damages to your car should it be involved in an accident.
  3. Comprehensive insurance is that which lenders demand on a car they hold a lien on. This insurance covers all damages, including those caused by fire, vandals, hail, theft, etc.

In some cases medical coverage is part of comprehensive auto insurance in Dexter MO, in other instances it is purchased separately. This cover pays all the medical expenses regardless of which driver was at fault.

When you begin the process of selecting the insurance you want and need its best to first know precisely what the state’s minimums are, you may very well want more, but you certainly don’t want less.

Most automobile owners prefer to have insurance in excess of the state minimum in the event a problem arises, something far more serious than a small fender bender.

As important as it is for you to understand the state laws that apply to auto insurance in Dexter MO, you also need to know your options. Do you, for example, want rental-car coverage, perhaps you do if you travel extensively? Do you want to insure that your parts and labor are covered when the warranty runs out? These are options that are available, there are others.

You also need to know your budget for car insurance. The insurance you purchase may have something to do with your assets. In the event you opt only for liability insurance, the injured party has every right to pursue a claim but taking your assets. Although the policies are sold, most insurers will advise against the minimum, the cost to increase coverage is not all that much, and it is certainly better that the insurance company pays and not you.

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