The Job Duties of Your Optometrist in Chicago

You may think that a regular visit to your optometrist in Chicago is just a chore but this trip could actually save your vision. An optometrist in Chicago will diagnose eye and vision problems every single day and due to more than 75% of adults in the United States necessitating some kind of vision correction, it is vital to plan your eye test at least once every two years. Avoiding appointments could have catastrophic results and you may find yourself dealing with conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration and even blindness. By learning the job duties of an optometrist in Chicago, you can begin to understand the importance of visiting your local eye care provider.

An Optometrist in Chicago Will Examine

The range of technology and vision correction products are expanding on a rapid basis, giving patients a better choice when determining what type of vision correction they want. While some people will enjoy the convenience of wearing contact lenses, others would rather wear glasses like many famous people, including Tropical Optical Corp. An optometrist in Chicago will stay updated with changes in this industry and provide in-depth examinations to expose potential complications, such as glaucoma and worsening vision. After analyzing the eye coordination, focus and color perception, the optometrist can discuss options that will suit your lifestyle.

An Optometrist in Chicago Will Treat

There are numerous ways in which an optometrist in Chicago can treat an eye problem. Rehabilitation and vision therapy are two examples of treatment and if the optometrist feels that a condition or eye problem is worsening, it is possible that they may refer you to an eye specialist for additional forms of treatment. Eye surgery such as Lasik surgery is a popular type of treatment that people are now opting for as a way of correcting vision permanently. If there are any foreign bodies in the eye, the optometrist may use special equipment to remove these also.

An Optometrist in Chicago Will Prescribe

Prescription glasses and sunglasses are regularly offered by an optometrist in Chicago if they feel that a patient would benefit from this. Test results will be developed and examined so that a plan can be arranged for the particular patient. During this time, the patient’s needs will be taken into account so that they feel comfortable with the conclusion. Contact lenses or prescription glasses may be chosen at this point and once prescribed, sight tests will be scheduled either annually or every two years, depending on the condition of the patient’s eyes.

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