The Life Principles Of Ayurveda

By taking Ayurveda courses in Kerala, you can be sure of one thing – you will obtain a firm grasp of the basic principles of Ayurveda. This is essential if you are to proceed further in your studies. It is also the basic requirement for training if you wish to become a learned and skilled practitioner of Ayurvedic massage therapy or engage in other aspects of this holistic approach to the physical and spiritual well being of the individual.

Explore a New Approach to Wellbeing

When you embark upon a study of Ayurveda in Kerala or elsewhere in India, you are embracing a new path that can take you through the process of a deep inner change. It is a proactive approach that is holistic in nature. Your journey will lead you to renew your vitality and help you to grow as a person Ayurveda is, after all, the "science of life." By enrolling in Ayurveda courses, you can become part of this exploration of your mind, your body and your consciousness. It begins with learning about the history and the basic principles of Ayurvedic which will govern your attitude to this holistic healing approach.

Purusha and Prakruti: Life Principles

When the Ayurveda came into existence it was considered more than a medical tradition. It was looked at as a comprehensive way to live life. The ancient Indian sages believed two principles were to be found in all life. These were the Purusha and the Prakruti. Both govern their own sphere of being.

Prakruti is a male energy force. It represents the power of the male as well as the consciousness or spirit. The Purusha is female power and represents nature while embodying creative energy. This female principle in nature is comprised of three Maja Gunas or cosmic qualities. They are: 

          * Sattva – the quality of light, knowledge, intelligence, clarity, purity, harmony/balance and equilibrium

          * Rajas – the quality of energy, energetic transformation, transmutation, movement, never-ending activity and turbulence

          * Tamas – the quality of darkness, passivity, inertia and ignorance

Within these basic concepts life a complex integrated system. The Mara Gunas correspond to the various body types of Pitta, Vata and Kapha. These indicate the specific physical and spiritual characteristics of each body and its significant Marma points. Ayurveda courses can help you take the basic concepts or principles, expand them and work to help clients raise their physical and spiritual well-being.

If you decide to become skilled in Ayruveda, Ayurveda courses at Aithein will guide you towards this goal. If you wish to become a practitioner or simply wish to expand your own knowledge base and raise your consciousness level, enroll in any of the courses offered. They will provide a thorough basis to begin this new direction your life is taking.

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