The Luxury Of Owning A King Mattress

There really is a lot in a name, especially when it comes to mattress sizing. For many people owning a king mattress is a goal when they get into a larger sized home, apartment or condo. There are a lot of different reasons why these larger sized mattresses are so popular but, like any size of mattress, it is more about the quality rather than the actual physical size that makes this a great option.

One of the most common mistakes that people make is to choose a king mattress based on price. While this is going to be an investment, buying strictly on price is never a good idea. Even a top quality mattress that is on sale at a great deal isn’t a good option if the mattress is not the right mattress for your sleep needs.

Support for your Body

Doctors, chiropractors and sleep experts all agree that the most important aspect of the mattress is in keeping your body in alignment when you sleep. If you are a front or back sleeper this is important to prevent back and neck pains and, if you are like most people and sleep on your side, it is critical to keep your spine in alignment as well as avoid putting additional pressure on your shoulders and hips from your body weight.

You want a mattress that will give slightly on those areas of pressure to keep the body in what is known as a neutral position. This means that the king mattress compresses more on your curves and less on the flatter parts of your body to maintain this neutral position.

The 15 Minute Test

To get the right king mattress for your body make sure you are giving the bed at least a 15 minute test in the store. Try different positions but pay particular attention to how you feel in your normal sleep position. Make sure you are trying out the bed with a pillow and don’t feel pressured to spend only a few minutes on each mattress. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are easy to get on and off.

By spending at least 15 minutes on several different king mattress styles, brands and models you will find one or more that make you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you have any lower back or neck pain or if you feel like your hips or shoulders are compressed or uncomfortable, keep shopping. Visit for more information.

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