The Many Skills Needed To Be A Roofer

An Aurora IL roofer is a skilled individual who works on both new and existing buildings. In the case of a new building the roofer will be charged with the responsibility of installing the roof in its entirety using the type of shingle that has been specified by the owner or architect. Should the roofer be called upon to work on older homes and buildings he can be expected to make repairs, should the roof on the building be reaching the end of its useful life, the roofer will need to re-roof the structure.

Installing a new roof and making roof repairs are perhaps the easier tasks; the most difficult job for the roofer is replacing an existing roof with a new one. This job entails the complete removal of the old roof and in many cases when the roof cover has been stripped there will be parts of the structure that also need replacing due to rot.

A skilled Aurora IL roofer can install all different types of roof surfaces. Perhaps the most common material used for residential roofs at least are asphalt shingles followed by rubber shingles and wood shakes. Slate and copper can also be used but due to the extremely high cost of the materials and specialized installation labor they are rarely used anymore. A roofer must have respect for heights but not fear them, height is a danger of the job and the roofer must be fully aware at all times.

In many cases the roofer actually is a part of the crew that constructs a new home in its entirety, in other cases the roofer owns an independent company or works for one.

A roof on a commercial structure is different than a typical roof on a residence because of the way they are built. The roof on a home is usually sloped and uses shingles which overlap. On the other hand a commercial building usually has a flat roof. The material used to cover a flat roof is different, it is a rubber membrane which is laid out on the roof in large sections; the membrane is delivered to the job site in large rolls. Once laid, the seams are bonded and the entire roof surface is coated with tar and some type of aggregate which can be pea gravel or cinders. When it is necessary to repair a rubber roof there are also unique techniques which must be employed.

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